LONE STAR CUT GEM JEWELRY by The Karat Patch is really quite special.  Our Lone Star Cut gems are cut by our lapidary in Austin, Texas and are unique in that they display a double star.  The tiny star at the cutlet, or bottom of the stone, is then outlined by another star in the upper pavillion facets.  The stars are NOT laser-cut, but are a result of particular geometry in the faceting of each Lone Star Cut Gemstone.  Then each Lone Star Cut Gem is set in our propietary, exclusively designed 5-prong setting.  This 5-prong setting was created by The Karat Patch specifically to enhance the 5-point star and to properly hold these uniquely cut gems.  You can read the Texas House Concurrent Resolution affirming the Lone Star Cut as the official gemstone cut of the Great State of Texas here.